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The Galapagos Conservation Trust

Time Out (scroll down to clay pipes)

Craft Central Recycles
Londonist's Santa's Lap Your jewellery is one of the most amazing Londony ideas I've heard all year, so glad to give it a spin. M@, Londonist
Eurostar Magazine (March 2011)
and repeated here on The Great Wen – Update: I do have a special PLA foreshore licence

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Here are some of the adjectives used by people who have engaged with my work:

clever - crazy - interesting - amazing - weird - extraordinary 
strange - novel  my word! - ingenious - beautiful bizarre  
 fantastic hysterical - cool - WOW - awesome - fun - unusual - mental
 random - funny - stop it!! - inventive deep Oh my god!

And one person said: "you deserve an environmental recycling award!"

At the Mayor's Thames Festival one year, a friend's comment prompted this sign (the one on the right).


A selection of other comments and feedback from satisfied customers:

I just received the necklace. It's wonderful, thank you! I actually ordered myself a necklace from you last Spring, and my mom was so jealous that I ordered this one for her as a gift. I know she'll love it! Thanks again so much!!  Elisia, North Carolina

I bought the turquoise beaded necklace... Just to say the my girlfriend absolutely loved it! I love your idea and what you're doing with it and thank you very much. ;)  Matt, London

What a great idea and perfect present for my wife this Christmas. We're both proud Londoners and find its history fascinating. Robert, London N7

The cufflinks have arrived. Thanks so much. You've been a wonderful person to deal with. Have a great day. Mark, Richmond, Virginia. And a week later... Wearing the cufflinks today and have already received several compliments... thank you so much for everything.  

 Thanks... for the great necklace... and for the very professional manner in which the entire transaction was handled.  Jeff, Fort Worth, Texas

A friend gave me one of your necklaces for Christmas, which I love ... almost everyone I meet compliments it, including my sister in law, so I would like to give her one as a gift for her birthday. Gwyneth, North London

I received the necklace today – it is lovely, thanks. Jill, London EC4

Necklace received – many thanks it looks superb. John, Edinburgh

Thank you so much for the necklace it's lovely. It's for my friends birthday and I'm sure she will love it. Janice, Essex

Just to let you know our order arrived this morning. We are delighted with the jewellery. The little pipe star is much appreciated and will take pride of place on the tree this Christmas. Hilary, West Yorks

I was delighted with the necklace my husband bought me – it’s nice to have something that is so different – really pleased with it. Alison, Livingston

Thank you very much for the pdfs - better than most online shopping photos. My daughter was searching for some bits of info related to clay pipes, came across your website, sent me a link with a "look what I found - nice stuff, nice idea" kind of comment, and so.... much better than the dull Christmas present I'd been thinking of. Helen, Edinburgh

Just to let you know that my friend was DELIGHTED  with the necklace I bought from you this evening. I wasn't sure of her taste but she loved it and especially because she likes light necklaces, nothing too heavy, and loved the idea, and the look. I therefore was very pleased, so thanks. I will certainly be back!  Thanks for the discount and for your good service, and of course such an interesting product, if one can call it that, such a delightful piece!  Jacqueline, London