Lengths of necklaces with 2mm cords can be adjusted at the time of ordering – please specify the length you require.

However, this is easy to do yourself and instructions are supplied with all purchases:

Using small snips cut through the last loop of one spiral end to release the cord, then cut the cord to the required length and insert it back into the spiral. Check that the cord is not twisted and the fragments hang well, then, using using small grips/pliers, squeeze the last turn of the spiral to secure the cord again.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

All fragments have been cleaned thoroughly.

These have been designed for use as external items of adornment only and therefore no responsibility can be taken by Amelia Parker Limited for any other use.

These are not toys – please keep away from babies and small children.

Clay pipe fragments are unglazed and so, over a period of time, may alter in colour and appearance. These 'before and after' image show how bracelets worn constantly for a a few months will absorb the skin's natural oils to take on a deeper tone and achieve a satin sheen.

The silver-plated copper wires, clasps and findings may become tarnished over time. This is a design feature as the jewllery is about the pipe fragments, rather than the elements that hold them together.

These natural discolourations have proved to appeal to men.

Similarly note how brightly-coloured wooden beads may also fade.