A Forage on the Foreshore  

Every now and then, I organise a get together at low tide so that like-minded friends can join me for a walk along a stretch of the River Thames*. 

Info is only sent to those people who have registered an interest. 
To find out more, please subscribe to Amelia Parker here or email me at and ask to be added to the foragers group list.
Alternatively, use the subscribers form my specific walks site to be kept up to date on this and all my other tours. A direct link to the walking tours subscriber form here.

*These will be organised ticketed tours led by me, your accredited guide. Dates to be confirmed. The tours will include local history and, where possible, access to the foreshore. 

Please note that access to the foreshore is restricted by the Port of London Authority – the surface cannot be disturbed by anyone who does not hold a valid Thames Foreshore Permit. Guidelines can be found on the PLA's website and will be supplied when meet-up details are sent out.

I do have an updated permit(!)